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Ashley and Eve

Our story! What we do and how we got started.

Ashley: designing, painting, shaping, photography

The wild thing with an addiction to creativity in all of its magical forms. With an insatiable curiosity and a vivid imagination, her world has been alive with artwork from the moment she could hold a crayon. Vibrant colors, mythology, and animals are her specialty.

Ashley currently attends the Academy of Art University, majoring in Visual Development. She and her boyfriend live with a big goofy borzoi in a tiny house that they built together.

Eve: Leather work, cutting, tooling

The fierce and freckled feline loving leather worker responsible for all of that beautiful texture you see in the designs. She loves working with her hands and experimenting with creative challenges.

Eve has been working with leather for well over a decade, and has a knack for even, smooth tooling and intricately detailed craftsmanship.

How it Began

Ashley and Eve spent the majority of their childhood in a small country town in Northern California. They have the same fond memories of handmade ice cream, lawns covered in sculptures, little herb and spice shops, and tie-dye everywhere. However, it wasn't until they both moved to the East Bay Area (the same year) that they met. While a year apart, they shared an art class in middle school.

Two years later, they became close friends in high school. Before too long, they found themselves taking the proficiency exam together and graduating early. Together, they took French classes in college, agonized over yoga, named the school ducks, and yes-- they definitely finished each other's sentences. 

In the summer of 2009, they both stumbled upon leather artwork while browsing online art galleries that sparked a curiosity. The two had seen leather masks before, but it was at that moment that they realized that they could do it too. In fact, they were certain that they would be pretty good at it, what with Eve's years of leather experience and Ashley's lifetime of painting. Mask making wasn't a topic that needed much persuasion on either side. After only a few mentions of collaborating together, the two began studying business in their spare time and brainstorming all they could accomplish together.

By December of that same year, Ashley and Eve had opened their Etsy store with ten masks for sale. It wasn't long before their masks were out of stock completely and the journey of keeping up with demand has been an adventure ever since.

We've now moved away from Etsy and are hosting our own online store. 

Our Products

We use 6 ounce vegetable tanned tooling leather from one of the last remaining tanneries in the United States. Our paint is acrylic, sometimes combined with a latex based pouring medium (if you have a latex allergy, please contact us and we can work around that). The masks have nylon ribbon for tying behind the head and the collars are made with either brass or nickle plated steel hardware. We can also make collars with copper hardware if desired, which is almost impossible to break. Every piece is sealed with a clear varnish; either matte, satin, or gloss. Sometimes garment leather is used to pad the back of collars, or to create the dragon scale effect on our eyeball key chains.  

In November 2017, we will be the proud owners of our very own laser cutter which will immensely help in cutting out our products and engraving designs or lettering. In the future, we hope to get our hands on an industrial leather sewing machine too!